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Let’s Thank The Businesses
Supporting Our Community
With Our Patronage And Loyalty!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of most Frequently Asked Questions. Please send an email to
Chris@letsgobanners.com with your question(s) if it doesn’t appear on this list!

1. How does my Spirit Card Network card work?

Spirit Cards are sold by local schools, social groups, and sports teams. Custom Spirit Cards feature the local groups’ logo and colors on the front of the card, while featuring local sponsors on the obverse which give a special promotion or discount to the card owner. Most Spirit Card products are sold for $10 with the selling school or group receiving at least 50% profit per card sold. The Spirit Card Representative is responsible for establishing the business(s) relationships, organizing the fundraising, and promoting and supplying prizes and incentives to the group. NO FINANCIAL RISK is ever placed on Spirit Card Network products. The fundraising company offering the Spirit Card works with the local, regional, or national sponsors and negotiates the details. A thank you letter and sample cards are mailed to the sponsoring businesses within 3 to 5 business days of the program starting. Spirit Card Network also offers the choice of a “local sponsorship” or “network sponsorship.” 

Businesses willing to honor ANY Spirit Card product are offered a Spirit Card Network decal to display at their place of business. Network business sponsors are also featured on this website to help promote their businesses.

Some business sponsors choose to give special discounts to their very local schools or youth groups. In most cases, these sponsor’s offers are placed on the limited space on the obverse of their local group’s Spirit Card, but are not included in the Spirit Card Network, even though some of the local sponsors may offer “network wide” offers. This is a personal choice by the business sponsors, and we thank them for their local loyalty and support.

Spirit Card Network and Fundraising Companies offering the Spirit Card Brand charge zero for businesses to be involved. Minimal charges may be requested for extra services (custom window signs, special logo design for the cards, or with approval, front logo branding on the cards.) But for most businesses, the cost to support their local groups is FREE!

2) Which Businesses honor my card?

We offer several Spirit Card Network (SCN) cards. The most popular is our “multi-sponsor” card that has a “tick-tac-toe” board of businesses on the obverse of the card. The business sponsors listed on the obverse of the Spirit Card will honor the offer listed on the obverse of the Spirit Card. Some of these obverse listed offers are “local only” (see above) or members of our Spirit Card Network. If you don’t see a local sponsor on the Spirit Card Network, than please understand that the business on the obverse of a local card wishes to only offer that offer locally, not on the entire network.

Many businesses are willing to do even an extra special offer for local schools, social groups, and sports groups because of their loyalty and patronage to the local business location’s store. Let’s appreciate their help!

If you wish to buy a particular card to support a specific group, contact Spirit Card (chris@letsgobanners.com) to find out when your preferred Spirit Card is being sold again.

3. Is my Spirit Card valid for me or my entire party at the business sponsor?

The default disclaimers on the front of every Spirit Card limit it to “Valid for Card Owner Only” and “Card Not Valid With Any Other Offers.”

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual business sponsor for any differences in these statements. We try to display specific offer statements within the ad of the business sponsor. If any mistakes are made or clarifications are needed, the business will have a Spirit Card Network clarification poster on-hand at their place of business. Please keep in mind that our fantastic business sponsors wish to participate to help our groups, and every intent is made to offer clear communication regarding the terms of the offer.

4. How often is the Spirit Card Network updated with new sponsors?

At the time of this post, we are adding new sponsors each month. You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be notified of any new sponsors added, and we encourage you to suggest a new business by sending an email to chris@letsgobanners.com

5. How can my group sell Spirit Cards as a fundraiser?

Your group may qualify to sell Spirit Cards. Please contact Lets Go Banners or send an email to chris@letsgobanners.com if you would like more information about how to launch your own Spirit Card fundraiser. We wish to help your group with the right product. We want to help!

6. My Spirit Card was not honored, what do I do?

If you experience a problem with your Spirit Card being honored, please send an email to CS@LetsGoBanners.com. Sometimes, new employees are not trained how to accept a Spirit Card, or sometimes there is a cross-over in a business sponsor receiving their sample cards and window decal. This is normally resolved quickly. But we appreciate your feedback and help in resolving the issue promptly. A member from our team will take immediate steps to research and rectify the situation.

7. How can my business get involved with the Spirit Card Network?

Your business is appreciated for wishing to be involved. Membership is FREE to promote your business by offering a value-added discount to your local groups’ card or to our Spirit Card Network’s family of businesses wishing to help fund our local organizations selling a Spirit Card Network product. Please click here to send an email for more information about joining our Spirit Card Network. And our parent company, Lets Go Banners, offers hundreds of marketing products (from signs to banners to digital printing) that can help you with your marketing needs.

8. Can I become a Spirit Card Network Sales Person?

We’re always looking for hard-working, goal-oriented people wishing to make a difference in their community. Please click here for more information about career opportunities with the Spirit Card Network !

9. What happens to your unsold Spirit Cards. 

We destroy any unsold Spirit Cards to protect the integrity of our programs.

We do maintain an inventory of past Spirit Cards to send and present as samples to future organizations and potential business sponsors.

10. Do you recycle your unsold Spirit Cards?

We’re currently searching methods to re-cycle our unsold Spirit Cards. It’s not easy, as these little guys are pvc (plastic) products that are not easily recycled.

11. Do we have to pay for unsold or lost cards?

Our programs are 100% financially risk-free, which means you never have to pay for lost or unsold cards. We have a specific program you must follow if you wish to sell the Spirit Cards, but it’s very forgiving, but very serious (and even fun!) You can find out more by contacting Lets Go Banners (808-430-6567.) We wish to take the risk, time, and labor off our schools, sports groups, and social groups. Let us do the heavy lifting!

12. Can you do “full color” cards? Or “What colors do you offer?”

We offer most primary colors. We are also currently researching viable “full-color” card
options. Due to the nature of our “risk financial free” program, we have some (very few) limitations on colors and quantities. You can find out more by contacting Lets Go Banners at 808-430-6567.

13. Will our cards be numbered?

We offer numbering, bar coding and even mag-striping, but to keep costs low, most of our cards do not currently exhibit a variable data format. But if your group has specific needs, we will be happy to try to comply!

14. How fast can we get more cards if our members “sell out’ of cards?

We give a normal of 10 to 20% additional “extra” card packets and raw cards for your group leader to distribute when your “super-achievers” come back for more. But in the event you “run out,” we can normally have additional cards to you with 48 hours (based on delivery or
shipping.) Please talk with your Spirit Card Consultant about this. But getting more cards into your hands is a high priority for us!

15. How can you guys offer all this stuff “risk free” AND the prizes too?

That’s a great question. Most things that seem “too good to be true” usually are. But in this case, the founders of the Spirit Card Network have over 30 combined years experience doing this exact type of fundraising. So if your group qualifies and commits to following our system, we can take the risk in offering the fantastic products, services, and prizes that we offer.

We have a very specific system in how we lead and help our groups sell their Spirit Card fundraiser. It’s proven, and it works really well, so PLEASE keep an open mind and embrace what we have to share with you. Sometimes your best intentions can hurt your group. Remember- Spirit Card and our fundraising partners are taking the risk, so PLEASE LET US HELP YOU!

16. I like your “Spirit Card Network,” but I think I have a better way to do it.

We are always open to new ideas, but we reserve the right to work with groups willing to follow our proven systems. If you have an idea that you would like to suggest, please click here.

17. I have a product idea for Spirit Card Network.

If you have an idea for Spirit Card Network to offer a new product, please click here.

18. I have an idea for a new sponsors, or “I own a business and would like to be involved.”

For new business suggestions, please click here to send an email.

19. Some of my group members aren’t selling their cards, what can I do?

Most groups do really well with their sales, but often there are members who are not as
motivated. We recommend encouraging them and reminding them about the importance of having a successful fundraiser. Many of our groups are extra motivated because they realize that if they reach their goals, they can decrease their total number of fundraisers needed during the year!

20. What’s the most cards anyone has sold?

Great question! When we were in fundraising full-time, we had examples of kids selling over 200 cards! (and some parents sold a ton of cards at their place of work!)

Since starting Lets Go Banners and The Spirit Card Network, we’re looking for YOU to help us set new records!

21. Can my group make $10,000?

Your group can make $5,000, $10,000 or even more if you’re committed, have enough participants, and have a crystallized goal. Although we cannot offer any guarantees, we can offer to help you succeed and do the best we can offering you a financially risk-free program. Call today for more information! 808-430-6567.


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